Hybrid Miner's Event!

  • Announcing the Hybrid Miners Event!!

    This event will be a resource gathering event! Gather as much raw ore as you possibly can! Each tier of ore will be worth a certain amount of points. Please DM me in Discord or Page in game to turn in your ore! All ore that is turned in will be returned to you once the event it over. Ingots will not be accepted!! Prizes will be given to the top 10! A prize gate will be placed at Brit Bank to view the prizes. This Event start NOW and will end on Feb 1st at 11:59pm PST! Here is a list of the different tiers of ore and their point value:

    Iron = 4
    Dull Copper = 6
    Shadow = 8
    Copper = 10
    Bronze = 12
    Golden = 14
    Agapite = 16
    Verite = 18
    Valorite = 20

    Get those pickaxes and shovels out and hit those mountains!!

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