The UO Hybrid Knights Event!

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    On Sunday, January 13th there will be a new event!! The Hybrid Knights Event!! This event will consist of 3 events! A Jousting Tournament, An Archery Tournament, and A Sword Fighting Tournament! There will be a specific template that you will need in order to improve your odds of winning this event!!

    100 Archery
    100 Anatomy
    100 Fencing
    100 Healing
    100 Parrying
    100 Swordsmanship
    100 Tactics

    100 Str
    100 Dex
    25 Int

    1st competition will be a test of your steady hands and aim with an archery event. Each person will get 3 shots, each shot will be worth a certain amount of points! Your combined points from your 3 shots will be your score. Participants will be provided with a vendor quality bow at the time of event, no need to bring your own!

    2nd comepetition will be a sword fighting event. You will be equipped with full plate armor, kite shield and a broadsword. Equipment will be vendor grade armor/weapon, so leave your runics at home! There will be no bandages or potions allowed during the fight.. because last time i checked, knights didnt stop mid fight to apply hello kitty bandaids.. This will be a 1v1 tournament with points awarded to the winner of each fight.

    3rd and final event will be the Joust! Players will be provided with a Lance (fencing weapon) and vendor quality Plate armor and kite shield. Each fighter will be mounted on their steed and try to best their opponent while sprinting down the railing attempting to knock the opponent off their horse (kill the other guy). This event will be a bracket style tournament. Winners will move on to the next round. Each win will be awarded a certain amount of points.

    Please make sure to have a fully patched client, and use razor or steam.
    Also, please name your characters appropriately. Thank you all, and hope to see you there!!

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