Dex Tamer Template - (From Discord channel)

  • Accurate as of 5th December 2018 - Credit Pendragon<br/>
    Dex Tamer Template - Useful for almost all solo farming. Very quick kills, minimal chance for pets to die if you are cautious. Doesn't require powerscrolls but will talk about that later. This is the build I personally use to farm with and it's by far the quickest and easiest in my opinion for my style of hunting. I've shared it with a few others and they seem to enjoy it as well so I'm happy to finally post a full detailed guide to it.<br/>
    Skills - Fencing, Tactics, Anatomy, Magery, Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Veterinary <br/>
    Stats - 100 Strength 85 Dexterity 40 Intelligence <br/>
    Pets- Any mare and dragon/white wyrm<br/>
    Gear- Valorite Armor, Agapite or better spear, Greater Str/Agi/Refresh/Cure/Heal potions, food.<br/>
    Explanation of skill choice:<br/>
    Fencing - The reason I personally go with fencing instead of the harder hitting macing, is because when you are fighting magical creatures, your paralyzing blow from fencing will occasionally disrupt the creatures spell and prevent them from casting any others for that duration. This is extremely helpful when fighting powerful magic creatures such as balrons or ancient wyrms. <br/>
    Magery - Even though we are a dex tamer, we have no way to heal ourselves other than with magic or potions. I recommend 40 mana so that you can still gate, even though gating isn't necessary with bonded pets. The 40 mana is more for casting Magic Reflection and healing yourself if you become the target. Whatever you do, always make sure you save at least 11 mana to be able to recall out. Keep magic reflect up at all times while fighting magic creatures. All it takes is a quick combo from powerful mob to drop us without any resist.<br/>
    The other skills are pretty self explanatory. Taming and lore to control the pets. Vet for healing them. Anat and Tactics for greater weapon damage and accuracy.<br/>
    Explanation of stat choice:<br/>
    Strength - 100 str I reccomend for the hitghest possible amount of hit points as well as greater weapon damage and increased carry weight. Less frequent trips to the bank and a few extra hit points can save you from death.<br/>
    Dexterity - 85 dex I recommend because it allows us to swing faster and heal our pets with veterinary quicker. Quicker strikes means more frequent paralyzing blows and higher damage output.<br/>
    Intelligence - 40 int I recommend because as I stated before, we have no other means of healing other than with potions which is minimal without GM alchemy. You have a limited supply and with armor you will regain mana very slow. So try to conserve this and only use it when needed.<br/>
    Explanation of pets:<br/>
    Any mare and dragon will do. Obviously the better stats on the pet and the higher the skills, the more damage you are going to push out. However with a decent stat dragon or white wyrm with skills in the 80s and 90s should be sufficient for most solo content. <br/>
    Hybrid Mares and Mystic Dragons have a chance at higher stats so they are recommended, but isn't required. Hybrid mares are also superior to their normal mare counterparts in almost all aspects. The boost is slight, but if you want every bit of damage you can get, you can't go wrong with a hybrid mare.(edited)<br/>
    Explanation of gear:<br/>
    Valorite Armor is recommended because it is relatively easy to get with a bit of farming or you can usually buy some off players. I recommend heavy archer for a balance between dex loss and armor gained. Heavy archer is plate arms, gloves, gorget, with chainmail legs and chest, your choice of helm. I also like the look of it the most but thats another matter.<br/>
    An agapite or better runic spear is recommended but a good power or vanq weapon or even gold runic weapon will work fine. Agapite you can usually find for around 350-600k which sounds expensive, but the speed at which you will be killing things, it will more than pay for itself in a good farm session. If you're only hunting undead, throw on a silver weapon and it will take them down just as quick. It's up to you whether you prefer the short spear or long spear.<br/>
    Potions are very important to us. Greater heal potions are only one of two ways we have to heal and can only be used every 10 seconds. Against tougher opponents I always chug a greater strength and agility potion, followed by a total refresh potion before fighting them. It will take our dex up to around 90 depending on your armor and give us 120 str for more damage.(edited)<br/>
    Recommended Macros:<br/>
    Always have a recall macro set! Whether you use Razor, Steam or Veritas, always have a macro set to open your runebook and recall to a safe location while spamming all follow me. Anytime you see a player enter the dungeon, unless you know for an absolute certainty that they're friendly, recall out instantly. A lot of tamers are pks and won't hesitate to attack you even though they're blue.<br/>
    It is also recommended to build a bandage macro for each pet individually. Make it apply the bandage to them with a timer according to your dex, generally around 4.1 seconds with this build. Then set the macro on loop. This way your bandages always apply as soon as the previous one finishes. The micro seconds it saves you adds up and can be the difference in your pet dying to higher level mobs.Bind both the macros to separate key bindings so that you can switch easily between healing your mare and dragon.<br/>
    In addition to the bandage macro I also recommend setting a macro to feed each pet individually as well. Pets can be stubborn and there is nothing worse than a pet refusing to listen while you're being attacked and you don't have time to go into your inventory to drag meat onto your pet. I usually bind this to be Ctrl + the bandage key for that pet. For example z to apply a bandage to the dragon and Ctrl+z to feed the dragon.<br/>
    An all kill macro that targets the closest hostile target is also recommended. In addition to this, I set my mare up on a name specific kill macro and dismount combined with attacking the closest target. Meaning I dismount, say "Mare kill" and it auto targets and attacks the last target with my spear all in one macro. Just makes things simple overall once the macro is complete. I always have monsters target my dragon first and only dismount once the main target is attacking my dragon/white wyrm. Mares can drop too quickly at times.<br/>
    It's possible to set all of these macros up on Razor and Steam, I've never tried on Veritas though.(edited)<br/>
    Additional thoughts and Power Scrolls:<br/>
    If you do want to use powerscrolls or have access to them, I'd highly recommend at least 120 vet for better pet healing. Drop magery down to 80 for this. If you drop any skill to raise animal lore or taming with vet, make it magery. You can get 120 lore, taming and vet which will drop magery to 40. This means you will fizzle when casting magic reflect, greater heal and even recall though. So if you go this route, I would advise you invest in some magic reflect, recall and greater heal scrolls so that you don't fizzle your attempts.<br/>
    Always be cautious in dungeons or anywhere in general. It's an open world PvP game for a reason and it's part of what makes the game so enjoyable. Just be ready for intruders and never try to rush into combat not knowing whats ahead. Take your time and pull mobs by themselves. Never take on a higher end monster with a lot of spawn around it. Lure the spawn away and kill it, or lure the high end mob away and kill it by itself. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot lure it away, target the weaker magical mobs first then target the weak melee mobs before taking on the high level monster. If it's too much though..... RECALL! That's why we preset a macro for it.<br/>
    Food restores a bit of stamina and also is supposed to help you perform bettern when you are not hungry. The sweet spot I think is feeling quite full after consuming the food, which is 5 fish steaks at the hungriest level of extremely hungry.<br/>
    This build can be purchased for 4,000 Hybrid Coins via the 7x PvP Skill ball and stat ball.

  • Dex tamer's are my favorite to hunt with as well. I've grown fond of my macer template i use 90 strength 95 stamina and 40 intelligence (Mainly for healing/curing) is all my magery goes to besides recalling. Now and then i may have to sync a couple heals and cures but 40 intelligence i found plenty, this is as long as you can keep the vetting timed correctly.<br/>
    i can usually take down bigger game with the right weapons and 2 untrained pets no problems. . I'm all about DPS or "damage per second" when it comes to the big ones. the quicker you get their health down they don't melee near as hard.<br/>
    The [b]BEST[/b] reason why i believe a dexxer tamer is the best farming template is also because you can use totally untrained, Freshly tamed pet's <br/>
    They are basically just a tank that you have to keep healed whilst beating on the monster. So i prefer the Yew Vanq Q staff for a macer tamer in PvE-PvM. The template is truly a game changer for farming gold/items or glory. <br/>
    Here are some pic's from me hunting a little today.
    Shadow Hunting.png
    I would recommend this for anyone who loves to farm fast and efficiently 😉

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