Hunting Dragon's

  • Nothing like a Old fashioned Dragon Hunt! I took out my 1124 hue'd (Golden) Event prize Mystic Dragon and tore up a few. I've found Destard to be one of my favorite spots to hunt especially now that the Ultra deadly Rune Beetle has been implemented. With this new Tamable i can sit back and just clean up that whole dungeon without a problem. But i always like some kind of challenge so i brought out the O'l Mystic for a spin this time around. <br/>
    Not only is the gold good from dragon hunting usually dragon's drop between 14-30 hybrid coins about 90% of the time that iv'e noticed and have a pretty good payout in Hybrid coins contracts as well.
    Dragon Hunting.png

    And this was my prize that awaited me at the end of my farming session<br/>

    Today's spoils.png