Dex tamer's are my favorite to hunt with as well. I've grown fond of my macer template i use 90 strength 95 stamina and 40 intelligence (Mainly for healing/curing) is all my magery goes to besides recalling. Now and then i may have to sync a couple heals and cures but 40 intelligence i found plenty, this is as long as you can keep the vetting timed correctly.<br/> i can usually take down bigger game with the right weapons and 2 untrained pets no problems. . I'm all about DPS or "damage per second" when it comes to the big ones. the quicker you get their health down they don't melee near as hard.<br/> The [b]BEST[/b] reason why i believe a dexxer tamer is the best farming template is also because you can use totally untrained, Freshly tamed pet's <br/> They are basically just a tank that you have to keep healed whilst beating on the monster. So i prefer the Yew Vanq Q staff for a macer tamer in PvE-PvM. The template is truly a game changer for farming gold/items or glory. <br/> Here are some pic's from me hunting a little today. I would recommend this for anyone who loves to farm fast and efficiently